Conveniently unlock the most dynamic view of cancer with
circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).1

Here's how Guardant Complete is completely transforming the way you see what's next, now:

  • Identifies minimal residual disease (MRD) and recurrence to guide critical adjuvant therapy

  • Initiates liquid and tissue comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) at the same time to save time.3

  • Predicts treatment response
    8 weeks before a routine radiographic assessment in patients with advanced-stage progression.4

Rely on Guardant Complete as your
all-in-one testing partner across the cancer continuum.

Get end-to-end support for all your liquid and tissue testing needs:

  • Easy order forms:
    Submit just one form for early-stage MRD detection and another form for advanced-stage response monitoring and CGP testing.

  • Convenient Guardant portal:
    Keep track of testing results in a single portal that can easily be reviewed with patients.

  • Customized support services:
    Find a consistent set of resources for troubleshooting and personalized service for the clinical staff.

With reliable results and seamless support, Guardant Complete offers more options to meet your precision oncology testing needs.

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